81AT938D (ATTEN-Estación soldadora digital) AT938D

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The digital soldering station is temperature-controlled with an adjustable soldering tip temperature.

The adjustable temperature lets you perform all soldering work in the field of electronics with various soft solders (with lead or silver solder).

Exchangeable Soldering Tip.

The display shows the nominal and the current temperature.

Three programmable buttons can be assigned freely selectable temperature values.

The enclosed soldering iron was calibrated on this soldering station (temperature accuracy).

If the soldering iron has to be exchanged, it must be calibrated again.

A high-impedance potential equalization socket enables application on MOS components or ESD workstations and protects you from static charge during soldering.

The soldering station is designed in protective class 2 (double or reinforced insulation) and may only be operated with common household voltage (110/220V~/60/50Hz).

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